jellyfin-accounts (go)

a better way to manage your Jellyfin users.

  • Send invite links to your users, let them sign up themselves
  • Create setting profiles to restrict permissions of new users
  • Handles password resets without your intervention
  • Enforce sign-up requirements:
    • Password strength
    • Contact method verification
  • Send messages & notifications to your users (email, discord, telegram, matrix available)
  • Set accounts to expire after a specified time
  • Manage your users in bulk
  • More


instructions can be found here

note: tray icon builds should only be used on systems with a Desktop Interface, and require extra dependencies on linux, see the github README for more info.

Stable (-ish) Unstable

Released sporadically, not necessarily super stable.

Built on every commit, so may include incomplete/broken features. Take care.